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Combining a love of photography with professional experience in graphic design, I created these original images and powerful words to evoke the inspiration and connection she finds in everyday objects. For me, this is a way to help people heal and support each other, while expressing myself creatively.

I’ve worked in many medias like painting, folk arts and collage, but Alan, my younger brother, provided the influence and equipment for this incredible creative outlet. After working professionally in photography for 25 years, Alan passed away suddenly in 2010. Thanks to him, I’ll never use anything but a Nikon...

Inspirational images and evocative words are offered as frameable posters or greeting cards for birthday, sympathy, graduation, showers, love, and encouragement, in vibrant color. Fundraising partnerships, corporate logo placement, customized text and commissioned photos are encouraged as a way to “spread the word.”

Thursday, May 17, 2012


People keep suggesting different places I could go to take pictures. That's great and all, but my house is filled with so many wonderful and interesting things to shoot right here. This is part of my jewelry collection display on my dresser. And yes, I did make some of those beaded necklaces. I'm so wildly talented, that I also make my own jewelry.

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